Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Give Winston the IVF Sign

Fuck Professor Winston, say I. As the papers are full today of "designer babies" and other such nonsense following on the Government's suggested changes to IVF rules, such as they are anyway, nowhere has it been exposed what a pathetic racket the whole thing is. Robert Winston, all round expert on everything, seems to be trying to reinvent himself as a TV star now he has worked out that IVF is no longer seen to be the panacea he told us all it was. In fact, it is a practice run by charlatans feeding off the desperate. The actual chance of an IVF baby runs at about one in five, and more like one in 20 for "older" would be parents, and as every gambler knows, that is one in 20 every roll of the dice. For what, £6000 a throw? Now this clown has used the pages of Associated Newspapers (The Standard and the Mail) to claim that chlamydia, the sexual scourge of our age (I mean one that does not kill you) has nothing to do with infertility. That's like saying the HIV virus has nothing to do with Aids - but he would not try to say that, would he. What an irresponsible twat.

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