Tuesday, May 16, 2006

All Men Are Rapists

In a "refurbished" Central London pub last night, cheap wood and brown paint, with those awful laminated menus on every table offering fish n chips and nachos "to share", with bar staff who seem puzzled by the concept of actually pouring a full pint, I had occasion, as you do, to use the gentlemen's conveniences. Walking past the obligatory condom machine, I noticed it was plastered with official messages, a bit like cigarette packets are now since the European Union put cancer in tabs. Under the coin slot was the exhortation "Don't put it in unless you have permission", and I don't think it meant the £2 coin. Although it may have been a knowing, post-modern, ironic joke, and very funny for it. Further down potential purchasers were warned "Intercourse without permission can lead to prison ". More direct and thanks for the reminder. Now, this is fucking (oh, the sparkling wordplay) ridiculous. One minute we are all supposed to carry condoms in case we give eachother unpleasant, or indeed life-threatening, diseases. The next minute we are being warned only to buy condoms if the partner in question has signed a formal, legally-binding agreement to sexual intercourse on the back of a beermat. Fortunately, being out with work colleagues and not being John Prescott, this was not a dilemma I faced on this particular evening. However, it made me think how totally ridiculous things have become. Personally, I believe the relationship between the sexes is more open than it has been for a long time. Perhaps it is because I am ageing rapidly, but in my youth political correctness (not the nonsense liberal PC of nowadays, but true political correctness) seemed to mean that nobody could make a move. That, thank fuck (see what I did there again?) has passed into history. But to start putting warnings about rape on a condom machine is such arrant nonsense that I would claim to have been left speechless if I had not spent the last few minutes writing this. Have you ever heard of a rapist who fumbled around for change for the johnny machine first? I really don't think so. It is, as ever, a mad world, my masters.


barbara worth said...


I don't think those stickers were targeted at you!

I think the whole issue of consent has changed among the young by virtue of the changed attitude to drinking.

I'm pretty fond of a drink myself so this isn't meant as a criticism of the young. However, it is plain that the whole culture around drinking (and being drunk) in public has changed completely since I was a teenager.

I have certainly seen very young girls (14 or 15) stagggering down the road clearly very drunk at 9.00 in the evening. God knows what state they were going to be in by 2.00 a.m.

I think that the current publicity campaign (and possible changes to the law) is designed to acknowledge that these girls are in no position to say "yes" and that a guy who takes them home and has sex with them is doing wrong.

Obviously this creates a big question mark about personal responsibility. When I was a girl, women certainly felt that if you put yourself in this position you would be the one blamed, so we only got hammered in private and in the company of trusted friends. But times have changed.

stalin's gran said...

Times have changed indeed, Barbara who is only a fictional character, but I still think those messages are way over the top!

Sam Brady said...

Largely because of strident feminism, liberalism and the other weakening contagions in Western society, all men are now assumed to be violent abusers and potential rapists.
This is wrong - evil, I would say -and a grave affront to decent men everywhere.
It does seem like the vile, proscriptive liberals who rule us won't be satisfied until no man has sexual congress with a women unless he has a written contract giving him permission and stating the terms first
If New Labour has its way, the only State-sanctioned sex will be between homosexuals, and they will be paid to do it if they are asylum-seekers.
Rape is a vile crime without doubt.
But women these days routinely dress like tarts and act in a crude predatory way around men.
If our sexual habits have been coarsened and dehumanised in the UK(and they have)then women must share the blame.
I blame women for copying the vulgar dress style and sexual posturing of contemporary pop singers as displayed in incessant raunchy videos frequently shown on TV, even on children's TV.
If women want a role model, they should choose the Blessed Virgin Mary. She has dignity and honour and modesty on a simply massive scale, which is why she is so loved and her reputation so unsullied.

stalin's gran said...

Personally, I like the women around me to "dress like tarts and act in a crude predatory way". But perhaps that is just me.

barbara worth said...

Elizabeth: "You don't think she was completely un-classy and predatory?"

David: "Those happen to be two of men's favorite things."

"Just like Heaven" (dir. Mark S Waters, 2005)

onfoyou said...

Keep up the good work. thnx!

John said...

Hey, the Virgin Mary got pregnant by another man - hardly a saint if you ask me...

Those stickers clearly were nothing to do with getting drunk though, or they'd mention alcohol. They're just giving the very sensible and not at all ridiculous advice that you should always make sure you have permission. "Excuse me, I just wanted to ensure that you are granting me permission to introduce my penis into your vagina. Then there's just the breathalyser test, police background check, and our witnessed triplicate signage of the pre-coital agreement, and we can don our full-body synthetic rubber Intercourse Security Suits and get down to some lovin'"

Mary Tracy9 said...

Everything is peachy and God is in it's Heavens.

"all men are now assumed to be violent abusers and potential rapists.

Must be why rape conviction rates are SO HIGH (*irony*), why so many women who have been raped REPORT IT TO THE POLICE (*irony again*) and why there is SO LITTLE RAPE IN GENERAL (*even more irony*)