Friday, September 02, 2005

Right Up The Trousers

How farcical it really is that Peter Mandelson should be at the centre of this debacle over textile quotas from China, dubbed by the tabloids, of course, "bra wars" in a deliberate reference to Mandy's lack of contact with such garments. You have to wonder how this ridiculous figure, the self-proclaimed king of spin and architect of New Labour (now there's a boast) can continue in public office.
The only man to "resign" from the cabinet twice, and the only politician ever to go back IN the closet after he was first "outed" by the News of the World in the 1980s, Mandy is now wreaking his particular brand of havoc in the EU. How amusing it is too that the man who has brought us this clothing crisis was secretly nicknamed "trousers" by political opponents inside the Labour party. They were not, however, referring to his dress sense.

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