Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Oaten She Tell Him To Bugger Off ?

Heartwarming, do you not think, to see Mr and Mrs Oaten together again after all she has been through and all that has been through him? A lovely picture of them together on the front page of the Daily Mail, I thought. If only there had been a gate, like David Mellor's famous family pic. But a word of warning to Belinda. Take a good look at Oaten's face, and indeed, his general demeanour. The balding shaven head. The bit-too-loud suit. The slightly too garish, fat-knot tie, askew as well. The fat lips and the cheesy, how did I get away with this, grimace/grin. There are hundreds of people who look like that in politics and in lobbying (which Oaten used to do). And the majority of them are gay. And if they are not gay full-time, then people like that will certainly lend a hand when they are short. And who was the also shaven-headed man in the other picture in the Daily Mail? I think we need to know. No, don't trust him Belinda. He's a shit, dear.


Paul Linford said...

I reckon this was well worth waiting for!

Guido Fawkes Esq. said...

Found You!

stalin's gran said...

I'm not hard to find, Guido!