Friday, November 03, 2006

How The Veil Works

I find the wearing of the veil in this country by Muslim women offensive and mediaeval, but it does seem to work. I was standing next to a seated, veiled young woman on the tube today, with a rucksack on her lap, and all I could look at were her hands.


Tim Benjamin said...

It's not THE veil, it's A veil, for fuck's sake. Why can't you meeja call it "A" veil. We don't talk about the poor old white oppressed middle classes travelling to work while being forced to wear THE tie, THE suit now, do we?

Anyone care to explain how a veil is so different it deserves only to be referred to with the definite article?

THE bard, maybe, THE (i/I)nternet, but A veil.

stalin's gran said...

Well, I would call it THE tie, because I fucking hate them...