Friday, April 14, 2006

The Big Apple

I am sitting here with the iPod routed throught the stereo listening to a stream of allegedy random music but which does not seem to be. The iPod on shuffle seems to automatically theme, ie you get a stream of 70s, then a stream of 80s etc. Don't really do 90s meself. And the point about iPods is that they go wrong. Mine goes wrong if I try to listen to it through headphones but works fine in my palatial home, apart from the streaming bit. Is this a matter to do with using Windows? Dunno. But the point is that how much are we prepared to let these massive corporations - and Apple, though allegedly hip cool or whatever the street word is, is a massive corporation - rule our lives? They want us to download their music so we don't really own it except through them. And then their stuff doesn't work. So we have to buy a new one. Now I do not want to return to the age of 78s but at least you had it in your hand.

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