Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I Have Been Told Off For Swearing

.......by a number of my co-respondents who feel that occasionally this blog goes too far on the toilet-tongued end of things. Henceforth readers, I hope, will recognise the following abbreviations.
MCW means middle class wankers.
FLC means fucking Labour cunts.
TFD means Tory fucking dickheads.
And Who? means the Liberal Democrats.

As for the BNP, I cannot begin to express it. Although I think the word Nobhead might be involved.


jane said...

Dear Pottymouth Gran

thanks for explaining the abbreviations to those of us who need a little help. Will keep reading.

stalin's gran said...

Thanks for registering the shorthnad, Jane. Any idea what the Latvian for "new" Labour wankers is?

stalin's gran said...

Shorthand, surely?

barbara worth said...

No, I'd stick to the cussin' if I were you. There are far too many TLAs (three letter abbreviations)in life as it is.

As a recovering lawyer (it's like alcoholism, you never actually recover you just manage to stay away from it one day at a time with heaven's help) I'm very impressed to learn that you have a number of co-respondents. You aren't Neil Morrissey by any chance?

As for the BNP, Nulab seem to view them as the last chance saloon. All that harrumphing about 9 out of 10 working class Labour voters being tempted to vote BNP is surely intended to frighten middle class BluLab types into voting Labour lest they hear the tramp of jackboots. BNP? Blair's Nazi Panic (I hope)

barbara worth said...

... just realised that this is arse about face as if I remember right Neil M wasn't the married one. I must memorise "Hello" properly in future. Just as well I am only a fictional characer in an old movie

stalin's gran said...

I ain't married and I ain't Neil Morrissey neither. Giving up that lawyering - must be hard!