Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I Am Not A Racist But

You will find in the newspapers tomorrow ie Wednesday a number of senior business figures calling on Mr Tony Blair, that is the Prime Minister, for now, to allow unfettered immigration from Romania and Bulgaria when they join the EU (however mad that concept may be). Why are they doing this? For exactly the same reason that in the 1950s the advent of the Windrush and its ilk was so welcomed by the capitalist interest: cheap labour. At a time when the working class in this country were having their children educated by the welfare state and the children of miners were becoming accountants, teachers and, heaven forfend, journalists, those same people who put children in the mills or youngsters up chimneys realised that their pool of desperate drudges was being diminshed. Answer? Get a new lot. Exactly what the bastards want now. So are the Poles and the Lithuanians, currently slaving (excuse the joke) at the bottom of the heap, going to be replaced by others even cheaper? You bet they are, if these bastards have their way. So what of the remnants of the British working class? Well, you could argue that if they are still there, they must have missed a trick, but they are, getting more pissed off by the minute. It will take one demagogue to get them moving. I might be free next Tuesday.


Sam Brady said...

Hmmm. We shouldn't see the problems of immigration as being solely about filling the jobs that Brits will no longer do. The problem - and it is a huge one - is about culture and freedom, ours.
While Britian has in the past gained greatly from successive waves of immigration, that is no longer the case. For the nation, and its cultural identity, are now threatened. And before all the new wave of liberal-facists start shouting me down, let me state two important, virtuous and nearly forgotten truths. (1) Coherent nations are crucial to the development of freedom. Freedom can't be established by international laws, as we are now seeing. Only the laws of a nation can encourage freedom. International law is always hijacked by a tyranny of liberal values and used to destroy true freedom.
(2) As history shows, true art and great civilisations are always produced by national cultures, not by messy polyglot masses.

dreadnought said...

I wonder if the million or so, mostly working class, who died fighting tyranny in citizen armies in the twentieth century, did so for this inheritance?