Thursday, August 31, 2006

Keith Allen Come On Then

You useless sad cunt...the only thing you were ever any good in was The Comic Strip's The Bullshitters, which was an attempt to take the piss out of The Professionals, which sort of worked, but is mainly now a historical record of pre-regeneraion Docklands. Now you are tarting your daughter about.....


hangthedj said...

Ah come on...he did write the lyrics: "Can I introduce you please to a lump of Cheddar cheese".

Plus the sounds of "Vindaloo" ringing around Wembley would be much better than Embrace's piss-poor effort.

Stuey said...

Nope he's an idiot with delusions of grandeur...the only thing worse than him himself is the way the interviewers fawn all over him like he's a genius or something.

His 'rapping' on the Black Grape England song alone was worthy of deportion let alone being given another chance with Vindaloo. Can't people see that the talentless Welsh no-mark is taking the pi$$. Now we have his daughter get bowed down to as some sort of seminal musician......just goes to show you how important it is to have mates in the media.


PS This is a top blog