Thursday, August 31, 2006

Matthew Parris Is A Sad Git

I am sorry but I cannot believe that Matthew Parris, spinster of this, er, parish, political commentator of alleged note, llama-breeder, supercilious cunt and general all-round gay man was loath to publish his civil partnership celebrations with a boy much his younger this week. He even left out the official gay and royal correspondent of the alleged newspaper the Times, from which he draws a large salary and for which he writes crap about being a gay man, political commentator (what does that actually mean) and a llama-breeder. Only sort of breeder he will ever be, dearie. That Times corespondent was Andrew Pierce, the high queen of gay journalism, who had to follow a story by the excellent Richard Kay in the Mail. Andy must have been, ooh, spitting. Matty (as we do not call him) hitched up with a much younger man who started life as his reseacher and is now a leader writer on the - wait for it - Guardian. His name is Julian Glover, who I have always thought was an actor, but clearly not, who is married to that lovely middle-aged actress who got her tits out throughout the 1980s in the History Man and House of Cards. No, this Julian Glover is clearly only there because he is sleeping with Matthew Parris and looks a bit like David Miliband. But the main point must be that he was Matty's researcher. If I did that I would be vilified, would I not? Destroy all of the self-satisfied cunts.

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