Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Jon Cruddas Must Be Labour Deputy

As the political debate rages (oh, all right then) over who is going to replace the bonking lard-bucket as deputy once Tone fucks off to the celebrity-politico circuit, the power of the people should go behind Mr Cruddas. Forget Hilary Benn - his dynasty is well discredited and even if he had the views of his father he would have to be liquidated before getting his bum on the deputy's seat. No, Jon deseves it. After all, he was the first agent of the Comintern to penetrate Downing Street since the days of Harold Wilson.

PS apologies to my reader for a) the previous two posts and b) a prolonged absence. I was a) pissed b) crushing a Trotskyite outbreak near Nuneaton

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